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Photo from 1984, when Chris was playing keyboard in the Brotherhood Band
thruout a lengthy series of concerts in institutions (prisons, veterans hospitals,
psychiatric hospitals, orphanages and shelters for the homeless)
in California, Oregon, Washington & Montana, as well as in Spain.

Some recordings from 1983 Brotherhood Band prison concerts are online (wma format):

(1) Mexican Jail; (2) Rap 1; (3) Rap 2; (4) Rap 3; (5) Look Out; (6) Free to Fly; (7) The Sacred Lady; (8) The Situation; (9) Black Train; (10) Angel of Dawn; (11) River of Love; (12) Salvador; (13) All the Way Home; (14) The Gospel of Truth.

(1-4 form one continuous track of 18 minutes)

More recently she has been looking after disabled folks in Eugene, Oregon,
as Director of the Oregon Supported Living Program.

John Schroeder & Christina,
Oregon State Penitentiary, 2002