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Balancing, teetering over the awful unbridgeable void,
the all-but-unretraceable path of God's lightning back to God.’
Malcom Lowry, Under the Volcano

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A Brief Résumé.




1One of his essays is on-line: ‘La posibilidad de los enunciados teológicos’, translation into Spanish of ‘The Possibility of Theological Statements’, in Basil Mitchell (ed.), Faith and Logic, London 1958.

2See Kenneth Weaver, ‘The Mystery of the Shroud’, National Geographic Magazine (June 1980); Robert K. Wilcox, ‘El Sudario de Cristo’, GeoMundo (oct ‘78); and Ian Wilson, The Shroud of Turin (2nd edition 1988). Photo of the scientific planning conference for the Shroud tests, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1977; photo of planning session, Turin, Italy, October 1978; foto of TPB and Tom Dolle during the testing in the Royal Palace of the House of Savoy, Turin, October 1978.