To view the contents of this grammar, it is necessary to install the following two fonts (PC: Install in C:/Windows/Fonts):

Mac: These pages may read better with Firefox or Explorer rather than Safari.

The original 1948 mimeographed edition was scanned in 1988 by Robert Michael Schapiro at the Mt Scopus Library of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. A pdf print version (72 pages) has been prepared from the present html text.

The dots between word elements have been added to indicate the correct parsing. Also, as outside of tables the standard internet browsers do not correctly read the Coptic font's overlines (§23, 31, 32), we have used underlines instead (e.g. t.mnt.ero). This occurs solely in Coptic script, and so will not be confused with the underlining of the hyperlinks. The Coptic dieresis (e.g. ï), also not read correctly by browsers, has been omitted altogether. (It must be admitted that Plumley does not consistently include these diacriticals.)

A few additions and corrections have been made to Plumley’s text. Errata are all but inevitable in a work of this complexity, which should be compared with the mimeograph; please send suggestions to the e-mail addresses below, with ‘Plumley’ in the Subject line.

Note that Windows includes an On-Screen Keyboard (in Start/All Programs/Accessories/Accessibility), which can readily be set to any installed font; thus one can type in Coptic script, as well as search for Coptic words using the browser’s ‘find’ feature.


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