I wish to give an answer
to whom it may concern
and tho there isn't any question
it's an easy way to learn
for it's written in the silent stars
across the endless sky
and it's down between my heartbeats
and it's in my true love's sigh.
Perhaps the thing I'm wondering
has occurred to you as well
if so you'll understand me
if not no man can tell
for their words they cannot hold it
the meaning overflows
to break the bounds of speaking
at the edge
out at the edge
of all we know.
When there's blood on the moon
you know it will be soon
when you bid all your cares good-bye
as the prophets of doom
await the bride and groom
on this earth island floating in the sky.
And the tears in the sea
remind you and me
of all who have lived before
in this deep mystery
of all eternity
where a planet is only a floor.
And the stars in the night
to the limits of sight
burn with a holy fire
far beyond mankind's plight
the breadth and the height
of the universe's luminous attire.
And the wind in the trees
whispers come to me
to all who care to hear
blowing ever free
and so effortlessly
thru his mind so perfectly clear.
And the keepers of the trail
drink from the holy grail
and read the sacred leaves
the world may be a jail
but the spirit cannot fail
we breathe the breeze she weaves
we breathe the breeze she weaves
we breathe the breeze she weaves.
3. THE SACRED LADY (online)
Have you seen the Sacred Lady
coming there?
did you notice the clothes
that she wears?
she dressed in all her finery
just hoping that you'd care;
Brother did you see the flowers
in her hair?
She comes from the forest
and the sea
surrounded by a chorus
the birds and wild beasts follow her
in serenity aware;
Brother did you touch the sunlight
in her hair?
She's clad in the seasons
of the year
with gladness she comes pleasing
all who hear
when she smiles the sun comes shining thru
and her footsteps are so fair;
Brother did you kiss the moonlight
in her hair?
Her sons are the princes
of this earth
her providence is all
that life is worth
you're just an image in her mind
and it's her love that we share;
Brother did you breathe the fragrance
in her hair?
Come lay down your burdens
and know it's for certain
you really have nothing to fear
you won't be abandoned
the place that you're standing
is the path to the next place from here.
Each bird in the forest
is joined in one chorus
they all have a part in God's plan;
what is the worth
of their song to the earth?
and whence is the birth of a man?
In the touch of the evening
as the day's light is leaving
and the night takes you into her arms
see your mind as a lantern
til the morning light returns
for the Lord keeps you safe from all harm.
In the glow of the sunrise
as the soft fragrant wind sighs
and you stand at the face of the dawn
and the stars one by one seem
to melt in the sunstream
you know that our life will go on.
When you look on your Brother
and you love one another
and you see that we truly are free
taste the gift of your breath
know our life beyond death
and grow into all you can be.
Supposing you just had one life
to live today
supposing you just had this life
to give away
everything you own
all that you own
the seed is sown
the seed is sown
see how it's grown.
Supposing you just had one day
to find the way
supposing you just had this day
to learn to say
just who we are
and we're bound so far
beyond the stars
beyond the stars.
Supposing you just had one time
to find your mind
supposing you just had this time
to leave behind
the shades of night
and find your sight
within the light
of the one true Lord of all
hear the call
hear the call.
And I'm never never
never never
never never
turning back
no I'm never never
never never
never never
turning back.
[included on David Lannan's album Street Singer (1970)
and San Francisco Sampler 1970]
You say your lover left you
well don't it strike you weird
the very thing that happened
was the very thing you feared
you say the man is coming
to shave off all our hair
and zipper shut our eyelids
and drag us to his lair.
Better listen to the whisper in the rainfall
and watch for the coming of the sun
and go with the free wind's wild call
and follow where the river run.
You say that you were frightened
you say that you were tired
you say you couldn't find your way
and now your life's on fire
well everyone gets lost sometime
and very few are found;
so ain't it time you woke yourself
and got up off the ground?
For a silken dawn is shining
within a lilac sky
and the mountains have awakened
and a child can tell you why
the night don't last forever
and love can quiet fear
and everything is born again
in the turning of the year.
Can you hear sweet and clear
can you hear sweet and clear
can you hear sweet and clear
the far and near call of the wild?
can you hear sweet and clear
the far and near call of the wild child?
you know it's just out of town
up over the ridge
so lay your troubles down
come across a rainbow bridge
to the wild
out to the wild
to the wild child that's in you.
You got to turn yourselves around
get your feet back on the ground
and listen to the sound
of the wild
of the wild child that's in you.
You know there once was a man
who never did wrong
his skin it was tanned
and his hair was long
he lived just out of town
down by the stream
and the people gathered round
to swim in his righteous dream.
You know they cut off his head
but they never cut off the word that he said.
He said--
Turn yourselves around vipers
get your feet back on the ground
and listen to the sound
of the wild
of the wild child that's in you.
John baptize with water
but the Lord baptize with fire
John baptize with water
but the Lord baptize with fire
John baptize with water
but the Lord baptize with fire.
You'd better turn yourselves around Brothers
get your feet back on the ground
and seek until you're found
as a child.
She lives around on the down side of town
wearing her wedding gown
her eyes are like dawn
her sins are all gone
she knows she's lost and found.
Mary Magdalene
Mary Magdalene
She's got love light live in her soul
she's got love to make her whole
she's got love that never will end
she's got love to spend.
She sees the Brahman
she sees the Tao
she lives in the Kingdom
of here and now
she loves the Prince
the Father's Perfect Son
she loves everyone.
One clear dawning
up rose the molten golden Son
he saw us coming
he knew that you and I were one
he knew that you and I are
one clear dawning
up rose the molten golden Son
up rose the molten golden Son.
Tell you something that's true
straight from me to you
maybe help you find your way thru
maybe help you to find you.
You know money doesn't bring up the sun
and money doesn't make the rain come
it don't put the stars in the sky
and it don't put the love in your sigh.
And money doesn't make the wind blow
no no
and money doesn't make children grow
it don't raise the mountain up high
and it don't put the light in your eve.
But money's addicting conflicting constricting
and it's no good inflicting painful chains on yourself
it's a demon's affliction
by the Lord's own prediction
if you pursue it you just lose yourself
ah watch out
you know you can't serve God and wealth
you can't serve God and wealth.
Bring you a thought from the Lord
maybe help you death's river to ford
bring you some friendly advice
maybe help you to paradise.
Remember blessed are the poor
for the Kingdom of Heaven is yours
and blessed are the pure
for the vision of the Spirit is yours.
You've got to give away all that you own
if you want to find your way home
and love your enemies
if you wish the true Savior to please.
And open the prisons
for the Lord has arisen
and there's no more waiting
and hesitating
and looking for the Kingdom to come along
when it's been here all along
it's been here all along.
The lame halt and blind
have fallen far behind;
won't they be late for the fair?
wouldn't it be fine
if in the Lord's heart and mind
they were the first to be there?
The poor and lowly ones
aren't having any fun;
who's going to help them find their way?
wouldn't it be grand
if in ever-ever land
they're like the angels of the day?
The hobos and the whores
have stumbled to the floor;
who's going to lift them to the skies?
wouldn't it be right
if in the Lord's holy sight
they were the first in his eyes?
The homeless unconsoled
lonely meek and helpless souls
have fallen down and down and down;
wouldn't it be nice
if in the Lord's paradise
they all wear a rainbow gown?
Now you are the light it that rainbow
the pot of gold is your mind
the living water light flow
thru your soul all the time
and you shine
you shine
how you shine my friends.
For those who seek are those who find
the Perfect Kingdom in our mind
the way is easy
and it's gentle and kind
it's peaceful
and it's loving
all the time.
Cause love is the leaven
in the bread of the day
to see the Kingdom of Heaven
you've got to give your love away
give your love away
give your sweet love away.
And come and join
a gypsy pirate gospel band
you know your Brothers and your Sisters
are going to take you by the hand
to sail away
to the promised land
where our Heavenly Father
is going to help you understand
that the Kingdom of Heaven
is at hand.
So as you're floating
on love's stream
fishing for
the perfect dream
looking inward at the Son
remember bliss
is union
with the One
I'm living alone
but I don't feel lonely
yes I'm living alone
but it's all right with me
and I'll never be grown
but I just keep on growing
and I'm free
I'm free.
I'm living alone
in the zillionth dimension
and I reap as I've sown
and I love all I see
and the things that I'm shown
are the things the Lord mentions
and I'm free
I'm free.
I'm living alone
with my friends all around me
in a palace of stone
by the side of the sea
and my mind has been blown
cause the King came and found me
and I'm free
I'm free
and you're in me
and I'm in thee.
Men put you to the test
and they blame you when you fail
but I was on a quest
for the moral of the tale.
So I passed on by
and searched the sky
for bearings
I don't need the world
to tell me how
I'm faring
for good and bad
and glad and sad
are pairings
and Heaven's Son
and I are one
in sharing.
And so I guess
it's the wilderness for me
where the kingdom of the stars
is plain to see
I just can't live
where men won't give
for free
and so I'll bless
the wilderness in me
and so I'll bless
the wilderness in me.
The children playing in the meadow
show us something tried and true
that the children playing in the ghetto
know much more than the leaders of the world do
it's true
cause every day for them is bright and new;
where does that leave me and you?
We're just living in the wind
where the world begin and end
love's kingdom is within
living like the wind.
And the suns shining in the heavens
have a lesson for those with eyes to see
thru the changes with the eleven
is the one and only place to be
angels know the way to be free;
where does that lead you and me?
And the rivers weaving to the ocean
sigh a song that longs to set all free
it's a time of rhyme rhythm and devotion
as we all stream together at the sea
there's all kinds of weather in you and me
the wind kiss the water and we see.
So don't you worry about tomorrow
good friends
what we'll wear or where we'll stay
growing up would only bring us sorrow
and there's joy in being girls and boys today
tomorrow's going to happen anyway
we'll just let it come down as it may.
Live to learn
learn to love
love to live
live to learn
learn to love
love to live
earn as you give
turn and forgive.
Love is peace in action
and peace is love in repose
so shed all your distractions
take off your clothes
the hidden shall all show.
Your mind is in your body
your body is in your mind
your soul goes on forever
see that you're blind
before is behind.
The earth is in the heavens
the heavens are within you
this is the Kingdom of Heaven
my word is true
I've been born anew.
So don't be afraid of dying
you know the Lord's going to see you thru
just keep your clothing-kite flying
and remember I love you
remember that I love you.
Live to learn
learn to love
love to live
live to learn
learn to love
love to live
live to learn
learn to love
love to live
live to learn
God is love.
Woke up this morning
within a song
I was being born
on the wings of the dawn
an angel of light
was by my side
holding me tight
as a well-loved bride.
And I know what it is to feel loved
and I know what it is to be loved
yes I know what it is to be in love
love's what my life's made up of
love's what my life's made up of
love's what my life's made up of.
Woke up this morning
as a dancer
I ask no question
for I am the answer
the Most High God
is my dearest friend
it's a holy body we're living in.
Earth water wind and light
Godsons and Daughters
it's all right.
Upon the shore of the world-wide sea
built on the rock and standing free
behold the lighthouse of eternity
shining forth in me and thee.
And the keeper of the lighthouse
safe on our secret shore
beams out his saving message
now and forevermore.
So come all you sacred sailors
on life's self-reflecting sea
and merge into the lighthouse
present in eternity.
There's a secret in my mind
whispered softly from behind
the milky way is all around
and a million Christmas trees
steeped in snow up to their knees
in silence sway to the sound
as the reindeer in the still night
with eyes clear as starlight
slip away
slip away
from the towns.
For they've heard the call of love
from within and from above
the pinwheel sky's perfect sphere
so to the One who gives them breath
and brings life out of death
they draw nigh and revere
born in a manger
raised beyond danger
the gentle Lord
with a flaming sword
leads them clear.
For the world of men
is coming to an end;
can't you see the signs?
all their churches and their schools
and their prisons and their rules
have run out of time
so if your ears can hear
follow the faithful reindeer
and turn away
turn away
from the towns.
Come you children of the One Light
with eyes clear as sunlight
and fly away
fly away
from the towns.
20. THE SITUATION (online)
Just surveying the situation
looking over the state of the nations
it's enough to drive you to desperation
now now now
here and now
but we're having a celebration
got our heads into exaltation
just living in sweet salvation
now now now
here and now.
You know there's a great election
got to make the right selection
cast yourself into perfection
now now now
here and now
we did it before
we're gonna do it some more
get it on for the Lord
now now now
here and now.
When I look in your earth-brown eyes;
or are they as blue as the skies?
You know that you hypnotize me
now now now
here and now
with your life in mine
every day is so fine
I love how you shine
now now now
here and now.
There's nothing in civilization
in country or town
turn this boy around
cause a fallen generation
is bound to go down
going to burn to the ground.
See their rivers in vile pollution
smokestacks that pour
till your eyes are sore
you know there's going to be a famine
with no solution
and more of war
and all the horrors of war.
With stars a'falling
destruction hurled
earth and heavens curled
and there's no one
among all the nations
with their flags unfurled
that's going to save the world.
So believe the good news
about salvation
because before
they tortured the Lord
he foretold all their desecrations
from the other shore
of forevermore.
You know I'm getting fed up
reading in the evening news
that any way we turn
we're only bound to lose
thermonuclear catastrophe
ecological nightmare blues
there ain't no use pretending now
tell me what you're going to do
tell me what you're going to do.
And I'm getting tired
of hearing on the radio
about loving our friends
but defending against the foe;
ain't you ever heard
we're supposed to love our enemies?
don't you think it's time
that you read the Gospels please?
don't you think it's time
that you learned the Gospel please?
don't you think it's time
that you lived the Gospel please?
And I'm getting sick
of watching on TV
all the killing going on
in the name of liberty
you know the Lord himself
is down on his bended knee;
won't anybody
show a little mercy please?
won't anybody
show a little mercy please?
On my way to the Holy Land
I watched whole nations
sink beneath the sand
of hypocrisy
speaking peace while waging war
faking love behind locked doors
trust in cash and shun the poor
religion twisted to the core
I can't take it anymore.
On my way to paradise
I joined children with laughing eyes
inside my mind
living in community
sharing everything for free
growing pretty as we please
dancing in a blissful breeze
I see thee inside of me.
On my way to Kingdom come
I came to see there's only some
who know the way
for there's only one way to be free
so choose your master carefully
just the one who's free from sin
can teach us how to ride the wind
Christ the Lord's alive within.
On my way to Heaven's gate
I realized the hour is late
we've got to get back home people
colors streaming thru my eyes
rainbow river of the skies
lights my way to realize
my own self as my true prize
now every day's a new surprise.
Hitchhiking Heaven's highway
on a bright and sunny day
up across the skyway
the clouds all rolled away
standing on the shoulder
with my sister by my side;
oh mister won't you stop
and give us kids a ride?
Well I left my home and began to roam
a long long time before
with a guitar beneath a bright star
headed for the Further Shore
I've got no job nor family
nor nationality
but all the hosts of angels
are in Brotherhood with me.
I've been in New York City
and I've been to Mexico
I've been to school a year or two
and there's one thing that I know
sure as the tall mountains
wash down to the sea
loving one another
sets us forever free.
Sitting in a tipi
sleeping by a fire
walking by the ocean
always getting higher
hiking thru the mountains
swimming in the streams
visions of the Master
superdelic dreams.
Moose across the river
a princess in my bed
there's cement on my planet
but I'm eating homemade bread
apocalypse a'coming
doesn't frighten me
the place of life is free from strife
find it and you'll see.
I'm simply another Godlove Brother
and I'm living from day to day
I left behind a divided mind
and I'm taking the passionate way.
Cause there's a whole lot of things
that the Good Lord say
that very few have heard
that Christians rarely practice
and mankind calls absurd.
Re-entering God's Kingdom
by renouncing the whole world
loving all your neighbors
and Brotherhood with girls.
Leaving all possessions
for communion every day
never getting married
just giving love away.
Not accepting money
in payment for our deeds
but being like free servants
planting holy seeds.
Rejecting human families
to stay in childlike fun
living with a grateful heart
born of the Heavenly One.
26. FREE TO FLY (online)
There was a man in prison
for a crime he might have done
and he gazed outside his window
at the bleeding of the sun
and he didn't know the reason
tho he often wondered why
with the weaving of the seasons
the geese were free to fly.
Yet his love kept on glowing
in his solitude he knew
something in him growing
the same as me and you.
And the keepers tried to tell him
that he had a debt to pay
and would stay inside man's prison
until his dying day
and yet he saw the freedom
of the graceful geese on high
winging across the sunrise
in the kingdom of the sky.
And his love kept on growing
with every passing day
the clear light wind was blowing
the plans of men away.
And he saw the sons of mammon
trying to pay their way
working for tomorrow
by selling time today
locked inside a prison
of the system of mankind
married to the darkness
of adultery of mind.
Yet the love kept on showing
the way to be free
the Wind Spirit blowing
within you and me.
Then he finally read the Good Book
having heard that God is Love
and the story was a fishhook
that caught his mind above
to the heaven of the risen
in the easy yoga way
and he passed beyond man's prison
to Christ Brotherhood today.
And the love kept on growing
in the sweet here and now
in all children knowing
I Am the Tao.
So come all you Christlove Brother
Sister Friend Compadre Sons
living in the Spirit
in the Kingdom of the One
looking for the coming
of the Savior from on high
we've got to live together
for you know the time is nigh.
And the love keeps on flowing
like a river of flame
thru everyone knowing
the Giver of the Name.
Take a good look in my eyes
you know that I tell you no lies
the truth comes straight down from the skies
and it burns away your disguise.
And the whole wide world is in flames;
now who do you think is to blame?
well you'd best learn to take off your shame
cause salvation already came.
Now there's going to come a last day
when you may be seeking a way
just remember what the Good Lord say
it's the children who all know the way.
And I am already home
everybody in free
you're either spirit or bones
take a good look within thee.
Loving each other
is all we've got to do
so don't let the world
be the death of you
whenever there's trouble
just shine it right on thru
and look to the One
who creates the Son in you.
I love you day and night
cause only loving's right
I love you day and night
cause only loving's right.
Coming clear from on high
are we who cannot die
truly born
and knowing the how and why
with angels to serve us
and light within our eyes
lo the galaxies turning
burning in the sky.
We've got eternal life
I love you day and night
we've got eternal life
I love you day and night.
Gypsy mystic on the glory road
with a futuristic gaze
contemplates the fullness
and gives the Lord the praise
he doesn't like cosmetics
nor fences on the land
but he speaks in ancient Coptic
and he's glad to lend a hand.
Gypsy mystic with a silent laugh
and altruistic ways
plays a fancy fiddle
and expects the dead to raise
he's forgiving with the humble
but furious when he's riled
with the wisdom of an old man
and the innocence of a child.
Gypsy mystic with his mind at ease
and muscle in his arm
knows the paths of Nature
keep us without harm
he's gentle as the snowfall
and radiant as the sun
with the Spirit of the Mother
he's in love with everyone.
After every winter there comes spring
and life returns to everything
and wakens all life from slumbering
and gives our peace a song to sing.
Little princes there's peace in the sea
Little princes there's peace in the trees
Little princes there's peace in the breeze
Little princes there's peace in me and thee.
After every midnight there comes dawn
and light returns as the day comes on
and all creatures rejoice with waking yawns
that love remains when all else is gone.
Little princes there's love on the ground
Little princes there's love all around
Little princes we've love for a crown
Little princes there's love in this sound.
And I love thee
I truly love thee
I love love
truly love thee.
I'm waiting for another morning
already I can see the dawn
it's the day we're all reborn in;
oh can't you see it coming on?
Who knows the treasure that we'll find
waiting in the pleasures of our time
when we've left the world behind
looking thru the windows of our mind?
looking thru the windows of God's mind.
I working in a perfect garden
the Prince of Light is by my side
bringing in the fruit of pardon
every child come on outside.
And take the hinges from the doors
love each other more and more
til we're all of one accord
living in the Kingdom of the Lord
living in the Kingdom of the Lord.
Like blossoms on the true vine
we all share one heart and mind
and life divine
Brother Sister mine
come drink the wine.
And the flower of his mind
is planted deep within our time
yet the winter seems so long
but when the springtime finally comes
and the work is all done
the garden of our mind will bloom as one.
Like children born from above
nourished in the fullness of love
reminded of
the Kingdom of
God's Holy Dove.
And the Joshua trees
in the warm desert breeze
were swaying like the seas
while the angelbirds sung
to the new-rising sun
that a yet-deeper love had begun.
Like rays sent forth by the sun
to bring light to everyone
we are the Sons
of the Perfect One
whose will is done.
And the gardener from on high
sows his seeds across the sky
it's love in you and I
yes within you and me
he planted holy seeds
knowing that their growth would set us free.
Like strands in a wedding dress
woven in tenderness
and by the best
we are surely blest
with growth and rest.
So if your days are dark and cold
and you feel you're growing old
come back within his fold
beyond all your trials
come back as a child
the Father welcome you with a smile.
Whose stars are those come what may?
and whose sun lights up the day?
and whose earth is this anyway?
I don't care what the grownups say
all their nations shall pass away
and all their fences fall down to stay
nor can all their money pay
to buy the world an extra day
the Christ King come one day
the Christ King come one day
the Christ King come one day.
34. MEXICAN JAIL (online)
I spent a few weeks in a Mexican jail
I spent a few weeks in a Mexican jail
just for living free
they closed the door on me
but it was nothing
compared to the cross and the nails.
My first day there a lad jumped the wall
my first day there a lad jumped the wall
the guard who saw him run
fired three times with his gun
they brought him back
with bruises that's all.
And some had been there for twenty-odd years
some had been there for twenty-odd years
and some had twenty to go
and the time goes by so slow
you'd better know
their hopes and their fears.
Yet the Brotherhood there was as strong as the sun
the Brotherhood there was as strong as the sun
to be locked in that concrete yard
was freer than being a guard
more friends more singing
more feasting more fun.
I spent a few weeks in a Mexican jail
I spent a few weeks in a Mexican jail
just for living free
they closed the door on me
but it was nothing
compared to the cross and the nails.
The stranger rode into our town
about the break of day
Andrew say him riding down
from the mountains across the way
with his collar turned up to the wind
and eyes that looked thru you from within;
where'd he been?
who's his kin?
His hair hung long
his hands were strong
he camped out by the spring
he sang songs of right and wrong
and called his horse Sky King
soon Maria who'd been drunk in the bars
was sleeping with him under the stars
and in our land
an outlaw band.
And now we're riding for the dawn
me and Andrew too
left our homesteads and were gone
to join his windburned crew
with our collars turned up to the wind
and eyes that look thru you from within
we are true
just ask Andrew.
Like thunder on the mountain
when a storm is on the way
like a thousand hooves a'pounding
across the sun-baked clay
like the rumble of a waterfall
downstream from where we play
I hear a mighty knocking
on the door of the Last Day.
Lo the Lord is standing behind the sky
commanding his angels as they fly
to gather his chosen upon high
he shall be seen by every eye
he shall be seen by every eye.
From Easter morning's blood resurrection
to the last epiphany
all you Gospel-rider Son inside-outers
lighting the great Christmas tree
shining bright both day and night
is the only way to be
so cast away from society's grave
and live your life for free.
Cause the times you can count
you read the sermon on the mount
ain't times enough for me
and praising the Lord just makes me bored
unless you're living his sovereignty
the utopian schemes and the blueprint dreams
shall wash down to the sea
each child shall stand at his right or left hand
when he comes for all to see.
For the Kingdom of the Sky
is like the pupil of your eye
there's nothing else to see
from without it's concealed
from within it's revealed
thruout eternity.
I was drifting around in a honky-tonk town
after many a moon on the trail
checking the scenes with dust on my jeans
looking for the Holy Grail
from under the stars and into the bars
is like eating barbed-wire to me
drunk people drinking and I got to thinking
of the gambling this rambler has seen.
Well you bet all you own
your life and your home
if you don't want to play it's the same
the cards they are falling
the dealer is calling
and love is the name of the game.
And it's worthwhile repeating
that there's no use in cheating
you can't turn away from your hand
so play as you're able
the cards on the table
you win or you lose as you stand.
There was a time so long ago
altho the earth turns round so slow
by the banks of the peaceful river
when all creation was in love
and giving thanks to God above
and mankind knew the One True Giver.
But that was long before our time
six thousand years of human crime
have left their scars on the souls of our Brothers
and yet it's really not too late
to turn your back on human fate
and come home to our loving Mother.
When it's your turn to cross over
the swirling river of time
you'll hear the heavens sing
see the Father of everything
crowned with the light of his mind.
One river shore is the man's world
across the water the Son
by leaving your self behind
Eden is here to find
the children are all having fund.
Right by the gate stands the angel
a flaming sword in his hand
with orders to turn away
all those who cannot say
I was called home to this land.
Don't look over your shoulder
you might feel you're growing older
remember life is solid gold
when you're in love.
Waves across the skyway
the holy angels' flyway
you don't even have to try
to be in love.
Earth around the starfire
the all-galactic sun choir
there's nothing that can lift you higher
than love.
Come feel your incarnation
and find the inspiration
that comes in veneration
born of love.
Your face is like the sunrise
the light within your sweet eyes
comes from skies that sing to me
of love.
We all live in the starstream
the Holy Father's daydream
and everything is as it seems
in love.
Here comes the moonrise
just off to starboard
now we're running ahead of the wind
tomorrow morning
we'll make it to harbor
with colors flying we'll sail it on in.
For we're sailing
between the sea and the sky
lo we're sailing
to the sweet bye-and-bye
and when we anchor at that shore
where we all live forevermore
then shall all sight
our mystic Helmsman of Light.
Don't come on to me with your program
telling me what we're got to do
the whole universe is a hologram
it all depends on your point of view.
When you know the source of your heartbeat
and watch all time on the wing
and feel in your bones the sun's heat
you won't be preoccupied by a thing.
And when you lie on your bed in the evening
and close your eyes for to sleep
don't worry that your senses are leaving
for you know the river is deep.
And when you wake up into the morning light
and rise to greet the new day
you don't know what will happen that very night
it's all a mystery anyway.
44. BLACK TRAIN (online)
There's a black train down on the tracks
and it's smoking for all that hell's worth
for its passengers never come back
it's their final journey on earth.
And when they get to their grim destination
tho the children all scream when they die
with their zyklon-b shower and cremation
till their bodies are smoke 'cross the sky.
There's a black train down on the tracks
and it's smoking for all that hell's worth
for its passengers never come back
it's their final journey on earth.
45. SALVADOR (online)
Someone's in the kitchen
cooking with gasoline
and there's gonna be a blowout
like you've never seen--
commies and nazis and yankees at war
down in the jungles of El Salvador.
See the campesino
fighting for his land
there he goes now
AK-47 in his hand
see the death-squad soldiers
right on his heels--
when the tracers are flying
you know it's for reals.
See the troops of the government
in choppers coming in
they've got no time for mercy
they kill for keeps to win--
like dominoes falling
and propped up again
the nations are stalling
and fear has gripped men.
The bear is advancing
the eagle doth fly
when the scorpions are prancing
multitudes die--
you'll see it all live
on your tv set
satellite broadcast
the worst carnage yet.
First it's for money
and second for show
so you'd better get ready
it's about to blow
guerillas and latinos and gringos at war
down in the jungles of El Salvador.
46. ALL THE WAY HOME (online)
I went out and climbed up a tree
to the very top where the wind blows
and I saw all the way to the sea
where the sails were gleaming in the sun
and an angel came unto me
who was clad in a sky full of repose
and she said 'I'll be walking beside thee
all the way home.'
Standing hand in hand
gazing in the mirror
basking in the light
that reigns within our mind;
looking to the future
how can we imagine
all the revelation
that's waiting there for us to find?
Find it in the springtime
that's blowing in thy heartsong
find it in the sunshine
in the noontime of your day
find it in the laughter
of the little children
find it in the meaning
that always guides our way.
Our Mother's in the kitchen
the multitudes are fed
the Brothers won't be hungry
who are handing out the bread
reflecting in the Spirit
on the seasons as they turn
the colors on the water
as the soulfire brightly burns.
Find it in the feeling
that sends thy senses reeling
find it in the pealing
of the bells on Easter morn
find it in the worship
that nourishes forever
find it in the moment
when you know you're always born.
I thought I heard a calling
echo down our time
somewhere in the distance
I know I saw a sign
in between this nighttime
and the everlasting day
the one clear light comes dawning
to illuminate our way.